My name is Fanny Neessen. I'm a 21 year old artist and photographer based in Vimmerby, Sweden.

Art and photography are my greatest passions and this website, along with my blog, is where I share it. "Phaniblue" has been my name on the internet for quite some time and nowadays I'm just hapilly stuck with it everywhere.

My inspiration is mainly found in people - their appearances and their thoughts, feelings, dreams, struggles and hopes. But I also find it in the peaceful nature, in stories, in dreams and in things from the past.


2014 Gästkonstnär under "Lönneberga Mat och Hantverk" 

2013 "Ett sätt att se på saken" - Västervik

2013 "Expo 2013" - Västervik

2012 "UKM" -Västervik, Oskarshamn

2012 "Ung konst" -Västervik

2011 "För gamla tiders skull" - Göteborg

2010 "All konst i Småland" - Virserum

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